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A big welcome to all students! Our first week at school was all about ‘getting to know you’. This is a great way to make new friends and so many already did. We revised some of our work in our 2nd week and learnt new things too. Below are some of the fun activities we had.


Activity: Letter Chalk

Skills: letter recognition, fine motor, listening

Kalash is identifying the letter A. He has to find and spray water on the letter A written on the ground.



Activity: Bananas in the Tree

Skills: number recognition, counting, fine motor

The children are learning the concept of number 1. Each child has to take one banana and put it in the tree.



Activity: See/Tell (Letter A)

Skills: communication, vocabulary, confidence

Adriano is showing his alligator to his friends. He is talking about the size, number of legs and color of the alligator.




Activity: Animals Role Play

Skills: imagination, gross motor, confidence,

The children are having fun pretending to be animals. They are hopping like bunnies and roaring like lions.



Activity: Passport To The World – Sand Art

Skills: creativity, imagination, fine motor,

The children are pouring sand on camels.





Activity: Water Play

Skills: social, communication, imagination

The children are having a wonderful time doing water exploration.



Activity: Walking on Lines

Skills: gross motor, confidence, coordination

Elliot is balancing himself while walking on various lines. He is concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.



Fun Friday is a creative day for all! Here we learn how to make play dough and then have fun using it.


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The children enjoyed our fairy tale of the week – The Three Little Pigs. They made their own pig masks.


One of the other activities covered by our Nursery Class last week was Passport To The World. The country they chose was Burma. Here they learnt about the Burmese culture, food and the way people live in Burma. They also painted the Burmese flag.



It was also time for Letter M which is for Monster. The children had to use a straw to blow the paint to make their own little monsters.

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IPN Event on Nov. 24th – Are Your Kids Getting Enough Free Play Time?

Topic: Parents: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Free Play Time ? By Tara McDonald
Date: Tuesday November 24th 2015
Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm
Place: Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT), The Penthouse, Maneeya Centre, Ploenchit Road (02-65205801)
BTS: Chidlom (The Club is connected to BTS Chidlom station by a skybridge), Exit 2
RSVP: or 081-8262399,093-1129814
Cost: FREE for IPN cardmembers and Baht 600 for nonmembers (includes presentation, handouts, light dinner (from a selection of 3), one glass of wine and soft drinks). Attendees are welcomed to email questions they have related to the topic to to be answered during the Q&A session.

Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Play fosters imagination and creativity and encourages confidence and concentration.
Play is beyond just fun and games and can be used as a therapeutic method to assist kids in coping with emotional stress or difficult behaviours. Play Therapy can be used to help children with a huge range of needs and concerns including low self-esteem, anger management, low concentration/attention, underachieving friendship issues, bullying/being bullied and others.
Our speaker this month is Tara McDonald who will explain why play is so important, looking at the psychological and neurological factors. Tara will discuss:

· Why play is vital to emotional, behavioural and academic development of children

· The developmental stages of play from birth onwards

· Effects of decrease in play time on mental health and general well being

· How parents can support and join their children in play

IPN Event flyer Nov 24th 2015

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Storytime Summer Camps



Summer is here and we are faced with the challenge of what to do with our preschoolers. 

But here at Storytime Preschool, we offer something a little different than the average preschool summer program. We have a huge shaded garden where we try to keep our students outside and active while learning valuable skills of coordination, teamwork and self-confidence. Inside the classrooms we have work and play space with experienced nannies and teachers to keep them busy.

Since we focus on different aspects of a child’s development, we have grouped the students into different categories. 
Ages 1.6 – 2.5 years old.

For our youngest group, we spice up our summer camp activities with different themes every week. Nap times are also included in our daily schedule. 
Ages 2.6 – 4 years old
Here we offer summer fun activities with our facilities like sand play and lots of water play time on the playground. Our camp also includes cooking projects and extra activities like yoga workshops. 
Ages 4.1- 6 years old
Our oldest preschoolers enjoy a mix of physical, creative and academic activities; art, science projects, physical education and storytelling.  

Storytime Preschool summer camp runs from July until mid August. For more information about summer camps please call 081-646-4535.

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IPN Event: Learn How to Support Your Child’s Schooling at Home

As parents we want to see our children happy, healthy and successfully achieving their goals and realizing their full potential in life. During this month’s interactive workshop-event, our guest speakers will be discussing a range of different successful tips and strategies that parents can use to help their children to become positive, successful, self-motivated, life-long learners.11092646_10152756927796717_979039673935446472_o


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IPN Event: Cross-Cultural Parenting

IPN Event April 15

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